Optus getting ready!

We get a Tesltra leak, we get an Optus leak, everything seems to be happening today!

Optus has been doing some work on the back end of its website and WPDownUnder is reporting that the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 preorder pages are ready to go live! Don’t get too excited, no pricing yet 😦 But we do have a “will be delivered after 1st of March” message clearly viable on the site.

Source: Windows Phone Down Under



One thought on “Optus getting ready!”

  1. Hey – ta for the link/soruce credit.
    That Telstra Lumia 810 thing I’m sure is 99% typo.

    The only WP7 4G/LTE devices we could expect here are:
    1. Lumia 900 (yet to have any AUS carrier confirm) – best ETA my guess = May.
    2. HTC Titan II – probably will beat the Lumia900 here (may make it by Mar late or April).

    There you have my predictions! πŸ˜€

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