Grindr Still a No Show

GrindrSome of you may have remembered when Grindr blocked Metrocrush and had it removed from the marketplace. Well its going on 6 months since it was removed. Grindr tweeted within days of having Metrocrush removed that they were working on a Windows Phone version of the app.

Since then we are yet to hear a word from Grindr on their progress, furthermore any reference to any other versions of the app have been removed from their website and the link to the tweet has also been removed. Due to continued interest on a previous story we have reached out to Grindr for comment but they have not responded.

Personally, I don’t believe we’ll be seeing a version of Grindr for Windows Phone 7. Maybe we’ll see it on Windows Phone 8! Do you think we will see Grindr on Windows Phone any time soon?


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