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Aussie Airline Apps

You’ve got your Nokia Lumia 1020 and all of its 41 megapixel goodness and you want to head off on a holiday! Which airlines that fly to Australia have an available Windows Phone app? Find out below.


QFOur favourite Australian airline has had a few issues with its Windows Phone app since the launch of Windows Phone 8. It has since updated the app and you can once again check in for flights, pin flights to start and manage your Qantas Frequent Flyers.

Virgin Australia

VirginWith Virgin Australia’s app, which is very similar to the one on offer for Windows 8 you can book flights, manage your booking but on this app you can also view Virgin’s flight deals.

Air Asia

AAWith Air Asia’s app you can purchase tickets on the discount airline along with managing your bookings andĀ checking in for flights. You can also use your phone as a boarding pass.

There is an absence of both Tiger and Jetstar from the Windows Phone Store. A number of other airlines including Malaysian Airlines, Thai Airways, United Airlines, China Airlines andĀ British Airways also have apps for Windows Phone; the above airlines were chosen to feature as they fly many local routes. And if you are looking to find a good deal on a flight Skyscanner is always a good choice.

Image sources: Windows Phone Store, Scalrep Flickr


Its where you go when you know you gotta go

Aussie Toilets App Logo
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Ever been out in public and really need a restroom but you dont know where one is? Although not having the most appealing of names Aussie Toilets is one gem of an app.

The app uses your location and Bing maps to display the nearest public restrooms. Clicking on a restroom will give you the address, facilities available and hours the restroom is open.

The app is displayed in the standard metro interface. The best part you ask? Its completely free!

Cost: Free
  • Easy to use
  • Correct information
  • None
Rating: 5 Stars
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Images Source: Windows Phone Marketplace