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Windows Phone Users Can Finally Grind!

Image from fester56 on Flickr

As we seem to get a lot of traffic on articles about Grindr here’s one that should make a particular group of our readers very happy! Meet’m is now available in the Windows Phone Store which gives you access to Grindr. Remember that Metrocrush did the same thing back in the Windows Phone 7 days but Grindr had it removed so buyers beware! In saying that if you’re desperate for the app on your windows phone and Scruff, Bender and GuySpy don’t do it for you; you can pick it up as a free download but an in app purchase is necessary to send messages.

Get it here.


Grindr Still a No Show

GrindrSome of you may have remembered when Grindr blocked Metrocrush and had it removed from the marketplace. Well its going on 6 months since it was removed. Grindr tweeted within days of having Metrocrush removed that they were working on a Windows Phone version of the app.

Since then we are yet to hear a word from Grindr on their progress, furthermore any reference to any other versions of the app have been removed from their website and the link to the tweet has also been removed. Due to continued interest on a previous story we have reached out to Grindr for comment but they have not responded.

Personally, I don’t believe we’ll be seeing a version of Grindr for Windows Phone 7. Maybe we’ll see it on Windows Phone 8! Do you think we will see Grindr on Windows Phone any time soon?

Grindr blocks Metrocrush

Grindr this week has requested that Metrocrush, the third party grindr client, be removed from the marketplace. Those who paid for the app ($4.49) now are left with a message saying that Grindr has refused access to Metrocrush and that the app’s author is working on his options. I must say it seems strange for Grindr to block access to Windows Phone users when they dont have an official presence on the platform.


Jump over to and vote for an offical client for Windows Phone 7

Grocery Shoppers to Settle for Onenote

Woolworths IsleBoth Coles and Woolworths have very popular apps in both the IOS App Store and Android Maket, they are essentially apps that appeal to a wide audience and are very helpful when you are in your preferred local supermarket. Unfortunately for Windows Phone 7 users, neither Coles nor Woolworths have any plans to release a Windows Phone app in the near future or at all at this stage.

If you want to see these apps head on to a Windows Phone handset, reach out to Woolies and Coles to let them know you want it!

JB’s Now Service Coming to Mobile Devices

JB HIFI Lifehacker today is reporting that JB Hi-Fi’s Now music streaming service is set to launch mobile apps within a month. JB’s streaming service which currently costs $8.33 per month (sold as $25 for 3 months) was previously only available in the browser. For those of you who are JB fans the news isn’t all good, you’ll have to pay an extra subscription fee if you want access to the service. No official word on the new pricing as yet, but its expected to increase the service by about $3 a month. That puts our Zune service in a competitive position.

JB Hi-Fi also hasn’t released an official statement so it is unclear whether the music retail giant plans to include Windows Phone 7 in its app release plans.



Source: Lifehacker

How to fix your FOXTEL App

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Telstra’s version of the Foxtel app for Windows Phone has been broken for quite a while.

Tesltra was notified of the issue in January on their Crowd Support site. Users were notified that the issue was forwarded to the correct department for resolution. 6 weeks later Telstra users are still waiting for an official response.

It seems the forum site does have its advantages. A Telstra employee has unofficially notified users of a work around for the issue. The marketplace has 2 different versions of the Foxtel Guide app, one is created by Telstra, the other by Foxtel. The Foxtel released app is at version 1.6 and working correctly but the Telstra version is at 1.3 and still broken.

The issue to Telstra customers is that they cannot access the Foxtel released app from their handset. Customers should either download the app via the Zune desktop client or the online marketplace.

Please find the link below:​e7-df11-9264-00237de2db9e

Source: Telstra CrowdSupport

Foxtel App Screenshot
Image Source: Windows Phone Marketplace