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Optus getting ready!

We get a Tesltra leak, we get an Optus leak, everything seems to be happening today!

Optus has been doing some work on the back end of its website and WPDownUnder is reporting that the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 preorder pages are ready to go live! Don’t get too excited, no pricing yet 😦 But we do have a “will be delivered after 1st of March” message clearly viable on the site.

Source: Windows Phone Down Under



A Late Christmas Gift from Vodafone

HTC TrophyFor those of us who are all too familliar with the keyboard bug that turned up in mango, some of us will get a little grin on their face when the ‘update is available’ alert pops up over the next few weeks. Vodafone has announced that its Australian HTC 7 Trophy will begin to recieve the update over the next few weeks as is usual with Windows Phone updates. Great work to Vodafone for getting the bug fix to its customers! How about you Telstra?

Source: Vodafone Blog

AFL Live …. unless you use a Windows Phone


Telstra has announced their new service dubbed AFL Live, where AFL fans can watch games and videos on their smartphones. Unfortunately the service is limited to Anroid and IOS devices with Telstra making clear it does not include Windows Phones in its service.

“ is not available on Windows Phone 7 devices.”

So bad news guys 😦 If you’re upset or just want Telstra to show some WP love jump on their feedback site or Crowd Support to show the demand.

Source: AFL LIVE/Telstra