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Windows Phone has 6.5% Market Share in Australia

Today Kantar released its worldwide smart phone market share document. Windows Phone has definitely defined itself as the third ecosystem in the Australian market with Blackberry falling to just 0.5% of the market.


3 m/e Aug 2012

3 m/e Aug 2013

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We have a date … maybe?

So the Nokia Lumia 800 is coming to all major carriers at throughout March, but Gizmodo is reporting today it might be very early if not before if you’re a Telstra customer. An anonymous source that works in a Telstra store sent Gizmodo some information regarding to the release of new 4G devices on their network. Interestingly it was noted that the Nokia Lumia 810 would be coming to the network on the 28th of this month. Is the 810 just a typo? Is the date incorrect? We will find out in 12 days I guess!

Source: Gizmodo

Luminating the Rumors

Nokia Lumia 900
Image Source: Nokia United States

There are small rumors running around the internet that the Nokia Lumia 900 will see an internation announcement at MWC. While Nokia Australia has not confirmed it to be coming, their Facebook Page have let slips that they are in talks with carriers.

“Hi *****, we’re still talking to the operators about bringing the Nokia 900 to Australia.  No news just yet.” 30th January 2012

Seeing that Telstra is the only network in the country with LTE it would be a pretty good guess to say it will end up on their 4G network before other operators.

So you never know, we might be seeing ourselves in that front facing camera sooner than we thought?

Source: Nokia Australia Facebook Page