Vodafone Launches Lumia Wednesday

In internal source at Vodafone has confirmed that the Nokia Lumia 800 launches on Wednesday. Pricing is yet to be confirmed


HTC Confirms Titan 2 for Australia

Telstra 4G adIn an interview with Pocketlint, HTC has confirmed that the Titan 2 superphone will be heading down under. Being an LTE phone the handset will be made available on the Telstra network. A time frame has not been announced.


Source: Pocket-Lint

SMH Previews Lumias

SMH have previewed the Nokia Lumia 710 and Nokia Lumia 800 and you can read their impressions here. The introduction is fair and balanced, and explains the phones basic functions and the main inclusions of Windows Phone. The author was obviously impressed with the handsets.

“I got my hands on Nokia’s first WP7 offerings at this week’s Australian roadshow  and they’re certainly impressive.”

We look forward to seeing more of Nokia’s handsets in the press when Nokia starts its major drive on March 1.

Grindr blocks Metrocrush

Grindr this week has requested that Metrocrush, the third party grindr client, be removed from the marketplace. Those who paid for the app ($4.49) now are left with a message saying that Grindr has refused access to Metrocrush and that the app’s author is working on his options. I must say it seems strange for Grindr to block access to Windows Phone users when they dont have an official presence on the platform.


Jump over to Grindr.com and vote for an offical client for Windows Phone 7

Optus Opens Pre-orders

LumiaOptus is the first carrier off the rank to offer pre-orders of the Nokia Lumia 800 & Lumia 710. Orders places before the 26th of February will be delivered on March 1. The Lumia 800 is available for $0 on the $49 cap and the Lumia 710 is available for $0 on the $29 cap.

Preorder your handset here: 800, 710

Source: Wmpoweruser

Optus getting ready!

We get a Tesltra leak, we get an Optus leak, everything seems to be happening today!

Optus has been doing some work on the back end of its website and WPDownUnder is reporting that the Lumia 800 and Lumia 710 preorder pages are ready to go live! Don’t get too excited, no pricing yet 😦 But we do have a “will be delivered after 1st of March” message clearly viable on the site.

Source: Windows Phone Down Under


We have a date … maybe?

So the Nokia Lumia 800 is coming to all major carriers at throughout March, but Gizmodo is reporting today it might be very early if not before if you’re a Telstra customer. An anonymous source that works in a Telstra store sent Gizmodo some information regarding to the release of new 4G devices on their network. Interestingly it was noted that the Nokia Lumia 810 would be coming to the network on the 28th of this month. Is the 810 just a typo? Is the date incorrect? We will find out in 12 days I guess!

Source: Gizmodo