Luminating the Rumors

Nokia Lumia 900
Image Source: Nokia United States

There are small rumors running around the internet that the Nokia Lumia 900 will see an internation announcement at MWC. While Nokia Australia has not confirmed it to be coming, their Facebook Page have let slips that they are in talks with carriers.

“Hi *****, we’re still talking to the operators about bringing the Nokia 900 to Australia.  No news just yet.” 30th January 2012

Seeing that Telstra is the only network in the country with LTE it would be a pretty good guess to say it will end up on their 4G network before other operators.

So you never know, we might be seeing ourselves in that front facing camera sooner than we thought?

Source: Nokia Australia Facebook Page


AFL Live …. unless you use a Windows Phone


Telstra has announced their new service dubbed AFL Live, where AFL fans can watch games and videos on their smartphones. Unfortunately the service is limited to Anroid and IOS devices with Telstra making clear it does not include Windows Phones in its service.

“ is not available on Windows Phone 7 devices.”

So bad news guys 😦 If you’re upset or just want Telstra to show some WP love jump on their feedback site or Crowd Support to show the demand.

Source: AFL LIVE/Telstra

The Australian Amazing Everyday

Nokia has confirmed that the long awaited Lumia 800 is coming to the three major Australian carriers in March. Telstra, Optus and Vodafone will offer the handset, with Telstra and Vodafone offering a new 850Mhz version. Nokia has cofrimed an unlocked price of $699 AUD but we’re left to guess at what we might see at the carrier level. The device will be available in black and cyan with a rumor that the white may also be available.

Soure: Nokia Australia’s Facebook Page

Hyundai A-League Kicking its way in to the Marketplace

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So soccer, football, whatever you want to call it is becoming more popular here in Australia. The A League has made its way onto Sports Tonight and your favorite evening news provider, now for those of us lucky enough to own a Windows Phone its also in our pocket via the AU Soccer 2011-2012 App.

For those of you with an interest in the sport, theres plenty here to keep you entertained thoughout the season. This include leader boards, upcomping matches, and the ability to view the entire season on a team by team basis.

The design of the app is solid although from the comments it seems it still has a few bugs to work out. If youre the kind to stay up late at night to watch whoevers playing on SBS on the other side of the world, why not check this one out so you can follow whats happening at home while you sleep off that game from overseas.

Available at the Marketplace now for $2.49

AU Soccer 11/12 ScreenShot
Image Source: Windows Phone Marketplace

Its where you go when you know you gotta go

Aussie Toilets App Logo
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Ever been out in public and really need a restroom but you dont know where one is? Although not having the most appealing of names Aussie Toilets is one gem of an app.

The app uses your location and Bing maps to display the nearest public restrooms. Clicking on a restroom will give you the address, facilities available and hours the restroom is open.

The app is displayed in the standard metro interface. The best part you ask? Its completely free!

Cost: Free
  • Easy to use
  • Correct information
  • None
Rating: 5 Stars
Screenshot 1
Images Source: Windows Phone Marketplace

How to fix your FOXTEL App

Foxtel App Logo
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Telstra’s version of the Foxtel app for Windows Phone has been broken for quite a while.

Tesltra was notified of the issue in January on their Crowd Support site. Users were notified that the issue was forwarded to the correct department for resolution. 6 weeks later Telstra users are still waiting for an official response.

It seems the forum site does have its advantages. A Telstra employee has unofficially notified users of a work around for the issue. The marketplace has 2 different versions of the Foxtel Guide app, one is created by Telstra, the other by Foxtel. The Foxtel released app is at version 1.6 and working correctly but the Telstra version is at 1.3 and still broken.

The issue to Telstra customers is that they cannot access the Foxtel released app from their handset. Customers should either download the app via the Zune desktop client or the online marketplace.

Please find the link below:​e7-df11-9264-00237de2db9e

Source: Telstra CrowdSupport

Foxtel App Screenshot
Image Source: Windows Phone Marketplace

Who offers what?

So far in Australia we only have one second generation device on one carrier and that is the Samsung Omnia W on Telstra. With Nokia Australia having announced on their Facebook Account that the Lumia 800 is coming to all carriers in March, this is what the Australian Windows Phone market looks like.





Current Devices


Samsung Omnia W



Coming Devices

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800

Nokia Lumia 800

Previous Devices

Samsung Omnia 7

LG Optimus 7



HTC Mozart 

LG Optimus 7Q

HTC Trophy

Carrier WP Site



Blog Post


Extra Services



Garmin Navigator

 Foxtel Guide



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