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Telstra Releases Update

Great news everyone! Telstra has begun the rollout of the 7740 and 8107 update. It is a gradual rollout so people will begin to get notifications over the next few weeks! You can always force the update in the usual way. That means all three carriers have released the update on the eve of the Lumia launch.


A Late Christmas Gift from Vodafone

HTC TrophyFor those of us who are all too familliar with the keyboard bug that turned up in mango, some of us will get a little grin on their face when the ‘update is available’ alert pops up over the next few weeks. Vodafone has announced that its Australian HTC 7 Trophy will begin to recieve the update over the next few weeks as is usual with Windows Phone updates. Great work to Vodafone for getting the bug fix to its customers! How about you Telstra?

Source: Vodafone Blog